• Pumpkin Planet11:49

Welcome to the Bookflurry Audio Library! Stay as long as you like.

Any book in blue is considered kid friendly, especially for a bedtime story. Just put the phone on the nightstand and press play!

I enjoy reading my books aloud as I write. Those incomplete titles will be in red. They may not be professionally recorded, but I think it is a great way for  my audience to keep up with my progress and provide feedback. Please listen to those titles and let me now if the story interests you. I'm always wondering which books I should finish first!

All other audio files will be in yellow, and those are completed and published books. It's always free to listen.

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  • The Story of How the Turtle Dove Got It's Name4:19

  • The Groundsman (Part One)11:09
  • The Groundsman (Part Two)10:53

  • O-zone (Part One)13:23

  • Arthur and the Otherworld (Part One)10:37
  • Arthur and the Otherworld (Part Two)9:43
  • Arthur and the Otherworld (Part Three)2:56
  • Arthur and the Otherworld (Part Four)3:07

​Audio Books, Bedtime Stories, and ​Working Titles

  • Remember (Part One)15:30