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An imprint is what is listed as the publisher on the ISBN. It is always a good idea to find a great publisher with whose works you would like to be associated. Self-publishing entities have no standards for publications so often it is ill-advised to use their ISBNs.

It is generally a bad idea to use a free ISBN. Yet, people do it everyday to get their book out there as quickly and cheaply as possible. Some writer's who do a lot of short stories, and publish multiple titles each month make a decent income doing just that. Otherwise it is always a good idea to have a great imprint. When both options are exhausted, purchase your own.

Should I use a free ISBN or purchase my own?

Should I use a self-publishing site or continue to submit my manuscript to agents?

The age-old question.  A first-time author has hurdles to jump, that's for sure. You can read our extensive opinion under the 'Why Bookflurry?' tab. In short, if your manuscript is in publish-ready form, fills a niche for a publishing company, and you have a great author presence, keep shooting for that advance! Self-publishing is an option to you if you want to take on the arduous task of learning the platforms, designing your own cover, and risking a release of a sub-par product. Not that you are not capable of it! It is just that self-publishing can really suck up an author's passion, when they should be more focused on reading and writing. We do however advise against accepting a contract on your manuscript without an advance or for a negligible offer amount. Your work is worth more than that! Read 'Why Bookflurry?' and see what makes us different.

Every printing agency has its pros and cons. Our two favorites are Amazon Kdp and Lightning Source. Amazon utilizes print-on-demand, which costs more per unit and is ideal for a target market of single unit sales. Lightning Source is an off-set printer and costs less per unit, saving money with larger quantity orders. Off-set printing is ideal for full-color books and large sales volumes.

What are my printing options and whose the best?


What is an imprint?

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Should you use a self-publishing site or submit your manuscript to agents? Should you use a free ISBN, your own ISBN, or a publisher's ISBN? Should you utilize a print-on-demand service or use off-set printing for mass market publishing? Whose the best printer, and what are the pros and cons? You have questions. We have answers!