Kyoto 1560, Yoshimoto celebrates a victory after marching on the castles of Oda Nobunaga, but soon falls under young Iryu's blade beneath a cover of darkness. Iryu, kidnapped and raised by the Oda Clan, is their greatest talent, and most loyal pawn.

     Bound to duty by his honor, Iryu faces the ultimate sacrifice when he lets his former family escape his same fate.

     After performing seppuku at the feet of his step-father, joyous and honest memories of his life in Okazaki Castle, occupy the space of the Other World he temporarily inhabits.

     When he finds himself Iryu reincarnate, he starts to think that honor is not in enforcing the rules, but in being their example, and so sets out to confront the Father he never knew. 

     The problem he faces is in forging an honorable path to the King, and retaining his own salvation.

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      As a husband and a father of four, one thing Jay had to do (if he were ever to maintain a healthy sanity and still find time to pursue his childhood dreams) was to learn how to prioritize.

     Juggling four kids is way harder than juggling four bean bags, ask Jay, he can do both. The trick to living a healthy, happy, and balanced life while time is spread so thin is to utilize the God given gift of prioritizing.

"You'd be surprised," he says, "what happens in life when the first rocks you fill your jar with are God and family."

     The Power of Prioritizing puts into perspective for the average working individual, the marvelous array of human nature, and rewards the reader with the valuable gift of self-accountability.

     At 99. Cents a pop and a Novella to follow upon completion of the series, SHIFT follows the escapades of a stranded cosmonaut aboard a life vessel lost in space. His only escape is in the Big Red Shift button, which temporarily beams his consciousness into the body of Earthlings that he picks out by reading patterns in his on-board display.
     When the waveform's magnitude and period reach their threshold, a solid bar occupies the readout and our Protagonist mashes the button.
The instances he finds himself occupying are both humorous and cynical, and I describe them to you through a uniquely lyrical writing style.
Get ready to SHIFT your perception by putting yourself in someone else's shoes, by reading along while I write each episode- SHIFT.

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     In November of 2080, just as six friends discover that one of them possesses the power to live forever, the World goes Deadless.​ 

     But then the unthinkable happens. The first unapproved death since the discovery that the body was meant to live forever.

     Now, the friends must go back to their roots and again join forces with Padge to find out what's causing  the Deathless World to start festering from within. 

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Jay Horne is always writing a little bit of something. A mind-altering novel, a sci-fi short, a guide on How to Shave a Lobster, anything's possible in the imagination of Jay M. Horne.  Visit here to see what latest journey he has begun for you. 

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"Gymnastics is hardcore. It is no small wonder that there are few, if any, adult gymnastics classes. Adults are heavy, stiff, and stubborn. No coach wants to throw his back out spotting a two hundred pound asshole who wants to be the next Jackie Chan or Tony Jaa. It's not safe, and it's not easy. The training equipment is expensive, and the determination, dedication, and time needed to practice makes it hard for anyone to truly measure up as a student. The payoff, however is enormous."                     -Jay
​                                                                                             (Mentored under Chico)

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A start-up guide for men who are motivated to do some tumbling again but are unsure where to start. This book is also a good supplement for those who have been self-taught. It follows Jay along his journey to better tumbling while being mentored under the guise of Mircea Petrea (Chico) a retired teeter-board artist with Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey's Circus. Chico still holds the record for a double back flip off a teeter-board and onto the top of a five man high human ladder, with no equipment or netting.