Our ISBN or Yours?

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Covers are generally included in any of our publishing deals, but we also do stand-alone cover designing for others. We are aware that there are tons of freelancers out there, and that some author's prefer their own illustrator or designer. That is perfectly fine with us!

In fact, we will even provide your designer with the template he needs to insert the cover into, or take his/her creations and plug them in on our end before the final publishing.

​It is totally up to you! We do however reserve the right to approve or disapprove a book cover for imprinting and advocating based on the content and quality.

Whether a client publishes into our community or stays lone wolf, we want ensure they can find their own pack of potential buyers. The best way to do this is through a focused ad campaign.

A negative review is a rough start to a book's life. At Booklurry Inc. we have developed a system to guide each new release into great reviews before it gets tossed to the hungry wolves. It is a combination of our attention to detail, our careful cold releases, and our perfectly timed run of targeted exposure.

This system is nothing new. It has been utilized by all of the major publishing industries worldwide for years and we employ it within or own publishing community. Even self-publishers have access to this system and are capable of paying for consultation when it comes time for their release.

Bookflurry Inc. aims to publish quality works and provide quality reads through our proven system of five-star title elevation and publication.

Publishing with no Worry and get five stars in a Hurry at Bookflurry Inc.

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Our Cover or Yours?

Successful Releases and Ad Campaigns

Publish with no Worry and get 5-stars in a Hurry

at Bookflurry Inc.

Off-set printing is a process in which the book is printed in long rolls of sheets and then cut and sent for binding. It significantly reduces the cost per unit on books. The downside is that you benefit from ordering only large quantities at a time. Generally, more than 200 copies. The larger the order, the cheaper. Also it costs money to make the cast, so every time you change the interior of your book, plan on incurring an upload charge of up to $100.

Who benefits from this type of service? Writers who have a great base of followers and a decent number of pre-sales.  Authors who plan on doing lots of book signings,  appearances, and marketing. Writers who aim to have their book largely featured in brick-and-mortar bookstores. Also authors who main focus is on Illustrated books, due to color ink pricing.

During Mass Market Publishing with Bookflurry Inc. you will have the option to choose your trim size, paper type and weight, color or black and white interior of varying qualities, binding type, discount offers, and inclusion in ordering catalogs for bookstores.

Off-set printing allows an author to offer bookstores a discount on bulk orders. This makes it more of a bargain for bookstore owners, and less of a risk to order fifty copies when an author says they are making an appearance. There are inherent pitfalls in this benefit as well though. Bookstores are also able to make returns on unsold titles after so many days. and the author and publisher are accountable for the shipping costs. So an unsuccessful book signing may end up costing more than it makes you.

All of these things need to be carefully considered when choosing what's best for you. And we are here to help you make the right choice.

Variety is the spice of life! A writer is as unique as the stories they create and each writer has different limitations both financially, editorially, and technically. We take that fact in to account first hand!

What is right for one author may not be right for another. It is for that reason that we find it our duty to offer every publishing option to each and every individual client. So what are these options? Let's break it down.

Contracts, who needs them?

So what's the difference? This is the most common question we get. The answer is what's behind our whole huge endeavor and hope for our publishing community. In fact, it is how we came to change the unfair industry for good!

An ISBN identifies your book to the market. It is imprinted with whatever publisher purchased the block of ISBN numbers from Bowker. Who can purchase ISBN numbers? Anyone! But purchasing one ISBN costs $125 when purchasing 20 ISBN numbers costs only $200. Why? Because Bowker wants to influence people to publish with reputable entities, of course.

So what does that mean for you? When we publish your book with our Bookflurry Inc. imprint, everyone is going to associate you and your book with our corporation, publications, and vice versa. So wouldn't it be in our best interest to be sure your product is fantastic? Absolutely!

Also this is the main reason we prefer you to read some of our titles to be sure that you want to publish with us. Because you are going to be part of the family!

When an author opts to use a free ISBN from a self-publishing service or print-on-demand company they are accepting association with that company and often times business, agents, and prospects are going to push aside the title as a vanity press product.

Who wouldn't want a reputable imprint, right? Well, sometimes, even we can't seem to come to terms or get a manuscript up to par standards enough to want to imprint a client's book. But will we turn them away? Absolutely not!

Even if your book doesn't exactly fit into the family of our manuscripts here, we want to help you get your book published and on the road to success the best we can. That is when we may suggest for you to purchase your own ISBN.

​Clear as mud?

Why Bookflurry?


This is why it literally pays to be part of the Bookflurry community. In reality, that is what a great publisher should aim to be! A community of like-minded individuals who want the same thing. What do we all want as writers? Great books; both to read and have written!

How do we be sure to give you that and promise you exposure to the reading world? It is quite simple, really. Reviews.

Our most common readers (and the most valuable and talented ones) are our authors themselves. We have reviewers built right into our publishing organization. Each published client at Bookflurry is contracted to review fellow writers of our community to ensure each and everyone of our members enjoys exposure and success. This is also why, if the owners of Bookflurry can't finish reading a book, then we work with the writer until we can, or we don't publish it! We don't want our clients being disappointed when they read one of their fellows published manuscripts. That is what makes us stand apart!

Print-on-Demand is the most utilized method for first-time writers and publishers because they don't have to worry about warehousing tons of copies of their book. The downside is the price per book is slightly increased due to paper and ink quality as well as shipping and product placement for sales channels. Also, if a business, book club, or organization wanted to purchase a thousand copies of your book they would be financially unable to do that without the publisher first moving the book to an off-set printer. The possibility of moving the title is made easier by allowing the publisher to use a unique ISBN during the publishing process.

Who benefits from this type of service? Writers who love to simply write, publish, and repeat. Writer's who don't want the headache of marketing their book or selling their book on their own and who think their title will be purchased by the consumer in single units.

During Print-on-Demand Publishing with Bookflurry Inc. you will have the option to choose your trim size, cream or white paper, color or black and white interior, binding type, a free self-published ISBN, an imprinted Bookflurry ISBN, or your own ISBN.

Wow! You want to know about us? Well, we want to know about you! Bookflurry Inc. started as Jay M. Horne's writing career in the early 2000's and has turned into a publishing platform that endeavors to serve authors who began just as he did, all those years ago. We have always dedicated ourselves to fairness and honesty first!

You do! Bookflurry Inc. utilizes contracting in nearly all of its practices and it is for your protection. A major reason Bookflurry Inc. aims to change the whole publishing game is because of the unfair contracting practices of the current publishing world.

It is our duty to write contracts which empower the writer and creator of the property we advocate. We don't want to tie you down to our community. We want you to have all the freedom you want with your manuscript, and remain with our family because you are treated with respect and honesty.

Even when a client opts to pay for simple labor costs of publishing, with no ties to our corporation, we contract up any and all possibilities of our use of your title for possible buzz campaigns, aimed to help you get exposure. We also assure the client through contracts that your privacy will be maintained throughout the entire publishing process and beyond and not be shared with any entity not directly involved with its publishing, advertising, editing, reviewing, or distribution.

Your best interest are in our minds- and we put that in writing!

Mass Market Off-Set Printing


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To all of our fellow publishing  relations, welcome to Booklfurry Inc.!

I, Jay M. Horne (Owner of Bookflurry Inc.), have always loved to write. In fact, you will find many of our publications are my own. This entire corporation started with my passion for writing and began to grow after my frustration with the publishing world finally motivated me to change everything about it. I would like to share my story with you so that every potential client who considers, Bookflurry Inc. as their publisher, can be confident that we know what options exist, and have every interest in extending those to you with genuine honesty and fairness.

The worst thing about the publishing industry was that new authors, like I was, were stuck between two options for publishing their manuscripts. The first was to speed the process of their release by spending tons of money for professional representation, editing, and design. The second was to  spend no money, self-publish, and submit to agents for the next 20 years while they figured out how to crawl to the top on their own.

I was bulked into the second category, all those years ago, and it wasn't long before I realized that I could make more money publishing than I could writing my own books. The problem I was running into was that there was no real way to be a legitimate publisher without being a total crook- which I refused to do!

I knew the value of a manuscript. I had submitted my books to agents enough times that I nearly fell victim to giving my manuscript away to a publisher for a measly royalty and no advance. What it boiled down to was, give my book away for a small-time publisher's imprint, in order to save $125 for my own ISBN, or self-publish with the imprint of Lulu or Createspace attached to my book forever. I had hated that choice and didn't want to face my clients with it.

Print-on-demand services like Createspace, Spark, and Lulu, already were keeping a large percentage of each book for printing and shipping services, so if I charged, even a small royalty, on top of that, the writer would not be getting a significant amount of net proceeds and neither would I. Off-set printing through a mass market company like Ingram, solved this problem of high unit costs, but charged a fee up-front per upload for the service. So, in that case, I would wait years before I made back my initial investment in each writer through a minor royalty percentage. It was a catch 22.

The only thing I could come up with, that was honest for my clients, was to charge a labor cost for my publishing service, and assist the client in opening their own account with a print-on-demand company to get their books from. That worked - for awhile.

It wasn't long before I started realizing that the authors, I was publishing for, were never making any progress among the sales rankings at Amazon. Why was that, I asked myself? Was their work not any good? To tell you the truth, I was as guilty as the authors in them falling short of success. Sometimes the books I published, were too bad to read; either due to the content or the grammar and punctuation. But because, I had no interest in the writer's long-term success-only the labor of publishing-I published their books anyhow, the way they wanted. On top of that, many of my books weren't doing well either! How could I fix this?

​I had been publishing for a number of years by then. I knew how to make a great cover, how to format manuscripts and e-books flawlessly, what platforms a writer needed, and even how to release and market a book for success. All I needed was a gentle push to put it all together.

When a friend of mine told me he had a book coming out in a few days, I asked him if he needed an ISBN so that he wouldn't be tossed into the slush pile of self-published writers off the bat. He informed me he had already signed a contract with a publisher. He had received no advance, no consultation, and the book was being printed on demand. Also, he was only to receive a small percent of his royalties for the next five years! He had basically given the book he had written, over the past three years, away to some stranger! I was fed up with how unfair the publishing industry was to first-timers and I totally restructured Bookflurry Inc. into the site you see today.

Why us? Because we know what your book means to you. It is your passion, your hobby, your hard work, and your hope. The message our books sometimes bring to the world makes us willing to sacrifice everything we put into it, just to get it out there in front of readers. We are here to promise you that your goal is our goal, and the last thing we want is for you to sacrifice anything! We value your work both morally and monetarily.

The reasons are clear, and we lay them out below for all to see.

Happy Publishing!

Jay M. Horne

​Owner/Author/Publisher at Bookflurry Inc.