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Under a Miami moon, Janet Corica, Book, Romance
kid ninja, ninja, ninja training, kid's ninja

Flash Fiction & Thriller

Children's Books & Published Youth

Boiler Room Book Cover
Eve, Book,Pangea, Jay M. Horne, Jay Horne, Adam and Eve
Fog Man, super hero, superhero, Janet Corica, Bill Meyer, Superman


I took the red pill, James Rucker, coricidin, ccc's, triple c's

Adventure Romance

Atocha Farewell, romance, Janet Corica, book

Non-Fiction, Self help, & How to

bounty hunter, bounty hunting, investigation, spy, book

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Waffle House, waffle, as the world turns, Jay Horne, waffle house
Pumpkin Planet Book Cover

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Mrs. Good Choice, Dawn Young, Book

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My Incredulous Journey, Ellen Wexford, spiritual abuse, abuse, religion

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Science Fiction

Christmas spirit, xmas, Christ, God, Christian, children
This bitter earth, Dominic Caruso, History Book

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The Only Thing I Like About Living, depression, Jay Horne
Where's the blue pill, xanax, James Rucker


Operation market time, Navy, military, James Steffes
The GG Bookcover

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